Brokers, Agents & Producers

frustrated-executives-updatedYou may think that the Affordable Care Act ot the latest financial regulation is your biggest challenge – but it may not be. What if the most daunting obstacle is your outdated methods of finding and retaining clients and key business partners?

It’s hard enough to be an agent or broker. It’s never been an easy field. On average, insurance brokers make less than $50,000 per year and most don’t make it through the first three years in business.

These are the brokers who have never learned a complete, modern sales process. They focus on outdated methods from a dusty sales training binder that is full of materials but is sorely lacking in actual sales education. Those dated ideas and rules don’t allow you to adapt to a competitive landscape that is moving quickly under your feet.

But you don’t want to be average.

You want a different model, a different approach, a different philosophy. Top brokers and producers invest in the cutting-edge training, systems and business tools that help them thrive in an ever-changing competitive and economic landscape. You know the power of a truly systematic approach that is built on a base of both client and referral partner relationships.

As a broker using these powerful systems, you can adapt, change and grow your businesses along with the Affordable Care Act instead of being threatened by it. You will know and be fully confident that you have created a solid business plan with a strategic sales process behind it.

Whether you are an individual broker or leading an agency, we can help.