Attorneys & Professional Services

attorneyBusiness development in your world is different. How do you walk the tightrope of balancing billable hours and still develop a strong book of business to call your own?

Competition and the pace of change in the professional service industries has never been greater. At the same time, the pressure to create, maintain and expand your client base is growing.

How do you balance the needs and requirements of providing service (and billable revenue) with increasing your book of business and broadening your client and business relationship network? Is that even possible?

It’s just possible – it’s highly probable.

The key is to leverage what successful attorneys, accountants and other professional service providers – and their firms – already know: You must devote time, energy and financial resources to training and development.

Business development and client relations were named as the highest priority for law firm training and development programs in the 2012 survey conducted by The NALP Foundation for Law Career Research and Education (NALP), which had participation of over 1,700 associates and law firm administrators.

But it can’t just be any training and development program.

Any program – whether it is a private class for your firm or one-to-one coaching – needs to be tailored and customized to fit your clients and your firm. Our most successful clients aren’t the ones who take a cookie-cutter approach to their training and their business development.

Just like you accept the status quo or the standard approach to your practice.

If you are ready to turn your business development efforts into solid rainmaking skills, it’s time to get started.