Cynthia Kyriazis

cynthia cCynthia works closely with SalezWORKS and is founder and President of Productivity Partners, Inc. a leading provider of training in the topic areas of time, information and decision-making management. She is a trainer, speaker, consultant and coach.

Launched in 1992, her vision was an organizing business for the commercial sector with today, 91% of her clients report reclaiming at least 45 minutes a day in real time and individual productivity increasing as much as 30%.Productivity Partners focuses on the principles, strategies and tasks which help decision-makers and their teams improve focus, execution, profitability and overall job performance. She is the only professional organizer and time management expert who is also a Certified 6 Advisors™ coach. This distinction enables her to work with clients on process, systems and performance improvement. Because productivity is about managing environment, activities and behavior.