Professional Sales Recruiting & Onboarding

Professional Sales Recruiting & Onboarding

No one wants a bad hire.

Yet, if there was a simple way to prevent them, wouldn’t everyone do that?

We have the closest thing to that: Our professional sales recruiting and onboarding strategy that has been specifically designed to help you identify, fully vet and then onboard the best sales professionals into the right jobs at the top organizations.

Bad hires will continue to cost you each year. At an average company, this typically equates to at least 10 times their annual salary over an 18-month period.

We can’t give away our trade secrets but know that our process can include:

  • Training you how to identify uniquely qualified (and often already happily employed) candidates through your extensive network of business and referral partners and leveraging ours when needed
  • Assisting you to compile a pool of contenders who bring the best skills for your organization, team and specific position
  • Helping you manage the interview progression and gathering feedback from each interviewer
  • Obtaining unbiased referrals from third parties at your request
  • Developing an offer that benefits both the candidate and the organization

Once the hiring is done, that’s where we really shine.

We couple our high-powered recruiting solution with an unparalleled onboarding process so that you aren’t left to train and evaluate your brand new employee on your own.

We help them ramp up quickly by identifying challenges and opportunities focusing on developing a stand-out prospecting strategy from the first day on the job so the organization sees results immediately. We guide them through the first pivotal 90 days so that they move successfully from the first glow of a great new job into being a highly valuable and contributing team member.

We help you learn more about incorporating a new team member with the highest rate of success – while elevating all the other team members as well. We can also serve as your temporary sales manager so you can focus on running your organization. This is especially important for teams that more than one new member, rapidly growing organizations and companies that need a turn-around in their prospecting results immediately.

Want to talk to us about your professional sales recruiting needs? We’d love to chat! Send us a note here to get the conversation started.