Consulting & Private Coaching

Consulting & Private Coaching

Wouldn’t it be great if you could all the information you needed in a training class?

If you could, you are likely getting the same information as everyone else in that class.

Is that what you want to rely on to help your build a solid and effective prospecting strategy? To fill your pipeline with quality leads? To boost your connection with highly qualified prospects? To create a strong network of business and referral partners?

There’s nothing wrong with training classes. In fact, we offer them ourselves. Still, to accelerate the results of you, your team and your organization, you need more customized solutions that are focused on filling the gaps in your prospecting efforts and then ensuring an ongoing evolution so that you keep pace with the market and (gasp!) your competition.

SalezWORKS’ consulting services provide growing and innovative companies with the in-depth analysis and expertise they need to identify areas of opportunity and address sectors of improvement within their overall prospecting and lead nurturing efforts. Our services are customized to our clients. We focus on both short-term and long-term sales, overall revenue and employee development goals while also ensuring that team members are an intrinsic part of the process and outcomes.

Sometimes, individual team members want more hands-on advice and coaching than they can receive in one of our training programs. These are high achievers who are motivated to make real progress and make it fast. They want to cut out as much as the learning curve as possible. And we love it. Our private clients span multiple industries but have one thing in common: they want results. If you are someone who thrives on individual attention or needs particular help with a specific sales challenge, private prospecting coaching may be right for you and your team.

Due to the intensive nature of both consulting and private prospecting coaching, we can only accept a limited number of clients in each area and still ensure that we deliver the highest quality solutions and results. Please contact us here to further discuss your consulting or private prospecting coaching needs.