What We Do

Starting-LineThis is not about general sales training. You can get that through a simple Google search – for free.

That is not what you need to move your prospecting and sales conversions to a higher level.

What you need are forward-thinking solutions focused on prospecting that you and your team can use starting the very day that you learn them. You need to know how to find new opportunities, build new connections and leverage your existing relationships into profitable referral partnerships. You need to know how to create a steady stream of prospects that are not dependent on the economy, the state of your industry or even your past sales success (or failure).

At SalezWORKS, we teach you “how to fish” so you can implement our solutions and then use them as your own…without requiring the on-going assistance of business coaches and trainers. We know that ongoing sales sustainability and growth in your organization and for your company can only be attained when it becomes an integral part of the organization and its culture.

Our goal is to make that happen no matter which specific SalezWORKS solution you choose. Now, it’s just finding the one that is the best for you.

Sales Force Development
We specialize in turbo charging your sales team. Our development resources don’t just rely on textbook study cases but bring in real-world examples, tackle participants challenges as they happen and create a team momentum that carries through months and years to come. Our sales force development options are customized to fit the needs of your team and your company – and for the growth you want to achieve. We can even act as an interim sales manager to help you get the systems, training and processes in place to cultivate a sales team powerhouse

Professional Sales Recruiting and Onboarding
Not everyone is meant to take the hiring process from beginning to end…and beyond. This is especially true when you are seeking a high-performing team member or manager who can hit the ground running. Our extensive background in both recruiting and private coaching combines into a unique opportunity for you to learn how to hire from the best in the business and then leverage our customized onboarding process to help insure success from Day One.

Consulting and Private Prospecting Coaching
Consulting and private coaching are the most customized and exclusive ways we work with clients. These solutions aren’t for the faint of heart. These are the most in-depth and hands-on experiences that we have with our clients – and they have with us. Want the most powerful results in the shortest time? This is your solution.

Keynote Speaking and Breakout Sessions
Are you looking for a dynamic speaker for your next meeting or event to both educate and entertain? SalezWORKS offers a number of highly specialized, energizing and results-producing keynote speeches and breakout session topics that focus on all the dynamics and aspects of prospecting that will have your attendees raving and getting real results.